Speaking Engagements

Leadership ParableLooking for an event speaker? Looking to be challenged as well as entertained? We are available for speaking engagements on a wide variety of topics to a large variety of audiences, ranging from intimate settings to major conference keynote addresses. Here are three of our most popular presentations:

The Parable of the Fulani Stick

A presentation about leadership, followership and the ties that bind the two, told in an unforgettable story about a child and an elder blind man on a journey that opens both of their eyes.   The parable was developed by Phil Begley based upon experiences working as a board member of Christian Blind Mission, a global organization serving the blind and disabled.   No one walks away from this presentation viewing the relationship between a leader and their followers the same ever again!


This is a presentation about developing leadership using the metaphor of the riverstone, the namesake of our organization.  The presentation examines what it means to be solid and well rounded and offers practical advice on how to make it happen at a personal and organizational level.

Values: Conduits or Concrete Barriers?

A fun, challenging and even irreverent examination of what values are and how they affect individual, interpersonal and organizational behavior.  Ideally, values bind and regulate.  But is that the reality in most cases? This presentation uses some interactive “case studies” to examine that question in a most entertaining way.  The audience will never take their personal values for granted again!