Talent Management

Riverstone’s Strategic Talent Development Process is a best in class methodology for small and medium-size businesses to manage talent in a holistic and integrated fashion. Our belief is each organization has its own DNA, so each person must have a “DNA match” to grow and thrive.

Rollover each of the elements for a short definition and explanation.

Strategic Talent Development

The basis for the process is the business strategy, corporate culture and the organization’s unique definition of leadership.

Tangible Elements of our process include:

  1. Leadership Modeling
  2. Position/Competency Modeling
  3. Standardized Orientation Process
  4. Cultural Acclimation
  5. Individual Development Plans
  6. Formal Professional Development Curriculum
  7. Leadership Development
  8. Mentoring Process
  9. Performance Appraisal Process
  10. 360 Evaluation
  11. Compensation Systems
  12. Annual Organization-wide Talent Review Process
  13. Talent Scorecard/Scoreboard
  14. Emergency Succession Plan