Leadership Development

Riverstone Way Leadership Model
We define leadership as follows:

Leadership is the process by which the best in us becomes the best from us.

We believe the following about leadership:

  • Yes, leadership is a process, not a person or even a list of certain personal attributes.
  • Anyone who engages in the process is exercising leadership.
  • Leadership is character-based.  Otherwise, it is nothing but manipulation.
  • Leadership can be learned, but like any learning endeavor, some have more potential than others.

Leadership Education/Training

Our leadership curriculum is entitled Leadership:  The Riverstone Way.  In our leadership development we teach at three levels:

  • Leading Self
  • Leading Others
  • Leading the Organization

Leadership Coaching

We work one-on-one with key leaders in your organization to help them become more effective via personal development, improved skills, and providing a sounding board  to work through real-world situations. We do not do typical coaching. Our approach is frank, direct and pragmatic. We coach mid-level managers through CEOs.

In each, we use our Leadership Model as the basis for our curriculum.   We invite you see a complete overview of our process entitled Leadership:  The Riverstone Way by clicking here.  (This presentation is not yet finished, but will be in the Papers and Presentations section of the site).