Core Ideology

Riverstone Purpose and Values

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to serve, teach, and challenge individuals and organizations to be better than they ever thought possible.

Our Values


We believe honesty begins with the personal values of each individual.  Honesty is the cornerstone on which trust and productive relationships are built.  We believe in open, honest communication and relationships.  We shoot straight with those with whom we interact and expect the same in return.  At the same time, we believe that honesty without compassion is brutality.  Therefore, we believe that caring and honesty must go hand in hand.

Hard Work

We believe in hard work.  Not just labor, but fruitful, productive work. Productive work is the key to self worth, responsibility, and accountability.  There is no such thing as a successful organization or person who has not worked hard to achieve their success.  The conventional wisdom says “work smarter, not harder.”  We believe in doing both.


We believe there is great worth in every human being.  Every job, every task, and every interaction should respect the individual’s worth and dignity, regardless of the circumstances.  All higher forms of human behavior are rooted in the recognition and respect for individual dignity and worth.


We believe successful people and organizations have passion for what they do. They create a sense of excitement about participating in endeavors that produce significant results and have   lasting meaning.  For too long, we have been taught to be “dispassionate professionals.”  This separation of our humanity from our work has caused great harm to organizations. To bring out the best in people, leaders must bring out people’s passions and leverage them for the greater good.