Doing It Wright

Every once in a while, an organization gets it right. In the case of ASCO, a construction equipment dealer headquartered in Lubbock, TX, it is better said gets it “Wright.”    The company was founded by J.W. Wright in 1960 with a simple premise:  sell the best products available, hire the best people available, and provide the best service available. The company grew tremendously based upon those simple precepts, personified in the character of Mr. Wright. His two sons, Steve and Brax, along with their sister Paula,  joined the company in the mid-70’s and continue their father’s work and reflect his character and values.  Not that Mr. Wright has gone away, mind you.  In his mid 80’s’s now,  he still comes to the office every day.

In the last decade, ASCO realized they must capture the essence of the company’s character in a more formal way.  Their values are simply stated:  Honor God, Develop People, Pursue Excellence, and Grow Profitably.  Indeed, they are a rare company in that they actually live their values.  They talk about them, use them as decision criteria, and demand – yes,  demand – alignment with them from their leadership.  Their values are even reflected in employee benefits.   ASCO provides educational assistance to all employees and their families as they live out their value of developing people.

ASCO’s vision is even more intriguing:  “We are blessed, so we will be a blessing to others.”  From funding for Alzheimer’s research to endowing university chairs, the company “puts its money where its mouth is.” In each case, all associates understand what the philanthropic goals are and work hard to make them happen and cheer at their realization.

All of this is accomplished in the rough-and-tumble panhandle of Texas, in an industry not known for this approach to work.  It isn’t a fad or a gimmick.  It is the reflection of good folks doing it the Wright way.